~Where are my flowers?

Ik heb een mooie plantenbak met een stenen dame erin
waar ik vele verschillende soorten plantjes in geplant heb,
maar…waar zijn ze toch allemaal gebleven?

I have a planter with a beautiful stone lady
I planted a lot of different beautiful flowers, 
but ...Where did all my nice flowers go?

Heee, betrapt!!!
Heee, Caught you!!!

This is our little chicken called “Liesje”
She did not have a very nice life before she came to us
and it seems she is always hungry, and everything is a treat.

Dit is onze kip Liesje genaamd
Ze had niet zo’n leuk leventje voordat ze bij ons kwam,
Ze is altijd hongerig is en ze vind ook alles lekker!

  Now I know where all my flowers
and my strawberries are…

Nu weet ik tenminste waar al mijn plantjes blijven!
en dat telt ook voor mijn aardbeien…

Wie ikke??? Ik weet van niets!
Who me??? Me know nothing!

5 opmerkingen:

charmedwishes zei

wow that statuary is so cute, i wish i had one in our little garden too!


Kathy zei

Okay...that's one funny post! I love chickens... we raised hundreds when we were living on the farm raising our kids. They have such intertaining personalities...bye, bye flowers...so long strawberries... Lisa rules!!! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Cindy zei

You are sooooo cute with these animals. Their your children and they are soooo funny.

Have a good evening.


Carolyn zei

Hi Anna,
Cute post! Hopefully Lisa will eat some big bad bugs too.
I love your statue.


acornmoon zei

She is looking rather guilty I think!