~Sissinghurst Garden~

Sissinghurst Castle and Farm have had a chequered history.
The farm was a poorhouse, then abandoned in 1855
and was scarcely habitable for many years.
In 1928, the estate was put up for sale. two years on
in 1930 Vita Sackville-West came and fell in love with
the place. Within three weeks she had bought it
together with 400 acres of farmland.

entree Sissinghurst

The entrance and the long front range is the largest
and oldest part of the surviving building going
back to 1490.
Queen Elizabeth Ist visited in 1573 to be
greeted by Sir Richard Baker.


Sissinghurst Garden is in the Weald of Kent,
near Cranbrook, Goudhurst and Tenterden.
It is close to landscape designated of
outstanding natural beauty.
The property is owned and maintained
by the National Trust.
The garden was created by
Vita Sackville-West & Harold Nicolson in the 1930's.
At this time, the site was very run down.



   Vita and Harold found the place after concern
that their Knole property was close to development
over which they had no control. They purchased it
in 1930 and began constructing the garden we know today.
It was first opened to the public in 1938 -
the entrance fee was a shilling (£0.05). 
A series of some ten separate gardens,
all delightfully different. Walls and hedges
separate the gardens, giving the visitor the impression
of peace and seclusion. On a sunny day
there is almost nowhere better to be.


   Sissinghurst Castle is een landgoed in het graafschap Kent
dat vooral beroemd is vanwege de bijzondere tuinen.
Sissinghurst ligt zo'n veertig kilometer ten zuidwesten
van Canterbury, in het district Turnbridge Wells. 

Sissinghurst  .Sissinghurst

De tuinen van Sissinghurst werden in de jaren dertig
van de twintigste eeuw aangelegd door Vita Sackville-West
en haar echtgenoot Harold Nicolson.
In 1930 hadden zij het landgoed - dat in volkomen
vervallen toestand was - aangekocht.
De tuinen zijn aangelegd als een serie van "kamers",
die elk een eigen sfeer en kleur hebben.
De oorspronkelijke bebouwing van het landgoed stamt
uit de Middeleeuwen. De meeste van de gebouwen
die er nu nog staan dateren evenwel uit de zeventiende eeuw.

Vanaf 1938 werd de tuin opengesteld voor publiek.
In 1967, werd het overgenomen door de
National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty,
zijn tuinen, gebouwen en de boerderij.
Harold stierf in 1968. Sissinghurst Castle trekt
bezoekers vanuit de hele wereld, en het zijn de
mooiste tuinen van zuid-oost Engeland.




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Hermes zei

Probably the best garden in England. They had a tv series on it here recently.

Aputsiaq zei

Wow, what a lovely place! I would love to go there!!

Anya zei

Interesant blogje
mooie plaats en prachtige foto's

Oma Nijn's Country Huis zei

ik ben in 1996,juli,met mijn man in sissinghurst garden geweest,het was geweldig mooi,zoveel bloemen,we hebben er uren gelopen.Heel veel foto"s genomen.

oma nijn

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff zei

That is something. The poor house, amazing. If I could live in such a place.


June zei

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the history of this wonderful place. 'Victoria" did a piece on this several years ago. I am facsinated by the beauty of the place.