I will be gone now for a little while
Not sure how long!!!
Ik verlaat jullie nu eventjes
Ik weet nog niet precies voor hoelang!

We’re gonna move to another house
and also to another town!
Wij gaan verhuizen naar een ander dorp
en zelfs naar een ander gedeelte van Nederland!

I won’t have Internet, a Phone and email for a while.
But I will be back!!!
Ik zal tijdelijk even géén internet hebben
maar ook géén telefoon en géén email.
Ik kom zo spoedig mogelijk weer terug!!!

So I like to see goodbye for now…
Ik zeg dus vanaf hier…TOT ZIENS…

See you in a while…
Ik zie jullie snel weer terug…

Thanks for all your Frienship,
hope you still be here when I come back!?
Bedankt voor jullie vriendschap,
Ik hoop dat jullie blijven wachten op mij!?

Enjoy the beautiful photo’s!
which I found on the internet
and Take Care…
Geniet nog even van de prachtige foto’s
die ik heb gevonden op internet
en tot gauw!!!




   enchanted-enfantPhoto via Pixdaus.com

Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes

and the grass grows by itself.

~Zen Proverb


~Fijn weekend!

have a great weekend    Foto via Pixdaus.com

Ik wens jullie een Heerlijk Zonnig Weekend !!!


Wish you have a Great Weekend!!!




haveSource photo unknown to me!  

Yeaaaah… a 150 Followers!!!
A big Thank You to
all you Lovely and Sweet Friends
from all Around the World…
…I am So glad to have Met you All…

Have a Wonderful Sunny Weekend!!!



A Lonely Heart

I met a lady in the meads
Full beautiful, a faery's child;
Her hair was long, her foot was light,
And her eyes were wild.

by John Keats


~In bloom!

In the back of our new garden,
are growing all kinds of fruit trees
which are now in Bloom!

At least 2 kinds of cherries, and a AppleTree

Don’t you just love this Blossom?
and in a few months Delicious Organic Fruits
to make my own Marmelade?
Who doesn’t want some of that?




Today Another video, This time
my own Athene noctua, called; Sita.

She gets a little bit nervous when I come to
close with a big black thing in front of my eyes!

Isn’t she something?


~Next years Easter Bunnies?

Ik weet dat de paasdagen voorbij zijn
Maar misschien zijn deze pasgeboren
kleintjes de volgende paashazen?

I know the Easter days are over, but
Maby these new borns are next years easter bunnies?



pixPhoto via Pixdaus.com   

On top of the earth
where green touches the hills ~
in spring, in summer, with daffodils,
with dandelions scattered through untilled fields,
with waterfalls and ferny fronds
companioning winding creeks; and
grassy knolls surrounding sunlit ponds...

That is where my heart thrives ~
among dahlias, lilacs, and rosy thorns
scenting life with fragrant morns,
and gentle nights of rounded moons,
inhaling reminiscent blooms
of many lost, yet, joyful Junes...

Warming seasons created to
make lips smile, hearts leap,
feet dance to earthy song;
and earth's turning, ever-moving
old winter right along...

'Til spring emerges, and summer follows
into every nook, into every hollow,
with greening leaf and budding flower
bestowed by Mother Nature's power..

An overwhelming gift of rarest beauty,
a rejuvenation, a resurrection of life ~
when earth renews, when earth revives...

Yes, that is when my heart truly thrives.

~ by Hazelmarie Elliott



   pixdausFoto via Pixdaus.com 

...When the night has been too lonely
and the road had been to long,
and you think that love is only,
for the lucky and the strong.

Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun`s love
in the spring

... becomes the ROSE ...


~Soooo Sweet!!!

Watch this…It’s soooo adorable…


~Adorable and Sweet!

onze nieuwe aanwinst

Don’t you think these two look very Adorable and Sweet?

These two little Doggies will be ours After Today!
A Boy and a Girl about 3 years Old!
Their previous owners can’t take care of them anymore
so we’ll take them in our family!
There very Welcome!!!


~Goodbye My Friend!

  R.I. P Lara
We will miss you, so much!!!


Friends like you are hard to find
And even harder to let go
A loving spirit, one of a kind,
A teacher, a babysitter,
A gentle old soul.

While you were here
You were a Friend to all
Like the tiny child
You’d never let fall.

You gave confidence, trust
And Love,
Surely, as an angel
You were sent from above.
You teach us still

Even as you go
That to Live is to Love
And to Love is to let Go.

~ by Sandy Ward ( LINK )


I am Sooooo Tired!

I had a lot of packing to do last week!
and still not finished…
and I'm soooo very tired
so I could fall asleep
no matter where I am at that moment!

Ik ben nog steeds niet klaar met inpakken
en ik ben zoooo erg moe, ik zou zo in slaap
kunnen vallen, maakt niet uit waar
ik mij op dat moment bevind!

Pssst.. Please don’t wake me? 
Pssst… Maak mij a.u.b. niet wakker?


~Revenge of the Panda!

De Panda valt uit de boom en neemt
wraak op de afgebroken tak!!!


~A Rainy Day!!!

Highlife Magazine 13What do you do on a rainy day?

Just stay warm and cosy indoors.