Typ hier een berichttitel

 cute idea  
a Wonderful Idea..
is it not?



Historia Unicornis

Horizon… rising…
up to meet
the purple dawn
Dust demon… screaming…
bring an eagle
to lead me on

For in my heart
I carry such a heavy load
Here I am
on Man’s road…


~a Very Special Building in Lyon, France

bijzonder gebouw in Lyon The Murals in the City Centre

In Lyon, “Trompe l’œil” murals and wall-sized
frescoes are essential reference points
in the urban landscape!
They tell the story of Lyon in different ways:
here, through its great men from ancient times to the present day, here, in the form of a giant library,
or here,
like a film decor presenting on of Old Lyon’s really
finest hotels: la Cour des Loges…
A trip through an enormous open-air gallery.

bijzonder gebouw in Lyon1

   bijzonder gebouw in Lyon3 bijzonder gebouw in Lyon6 bijzonder gebouw in Lyon4 bijzonder gebouw in Lyon5


“You know you’re in love
when you can’t fall asleep
reality is finally better than your dreams.”
~Dr. Seuss