~a Very Special Building in Lyon, France

bijzonder gebouw in Lyon The Murals in the City Centre

In Lyon, “Trompe l’œil” murals and wall-sized
frescoes are essential reference points
in the urban landscape!
They tell the story of Lyon in different ways:
here, through its great men from ancient times to the present day, here, in the form of a giant library,
or here,
like a film decor presenting on of Old Lyon’s really
finest hotels: la Cour des Loges…
A trip through an enormous open-air gallery.

bijzonder gebouw in Lyon1

   bijzonder gebouw in Lyon3 bijzonder gebouw in Lyon6 bijzonder gebouw in Lyon4 bijzonder gebouw in Lyon5

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Blog da Bete zei

Obrigado por compartilhar, maravilhoso, perfeito, sem palavras

OathBound zei

I saw something very similar in Rouen! :)