~New Camera

Richard got a new Olympus Digital Camera
for Christmas! 
Today  we went for a drive and he made a
few photo’s to try out his new Camera!
You can see he loves Animals as much as I do!!!


Richard heeft voor de Feestdagen een nieuwe
Olympus Digital Camera cadeau gekregen!
Vandaag hebben we een stuk van de
Lek- Linge route gereden, ten hoogte van Leerdam!
Daar heeft hij verschillende foto’s gemaakt,
om even zijn Camera uit te proberen…

Je kunt wel zien dat hij net zoveel
van Dieren houdt als Ikke!


~The Secret~

What a wonderful world!


~Merry Christmas

generous heart May the blessings of Christmas
generously fill your heart
~Merry Christmas~

Painting by Trisha Romance


~ Fijne Feestdagen!


Happy Holidays for

you all

and a great New Year;

That all your dreams

will be fulfilled!


by Tom Browning .

Hele Fijne Feestdagen voor

jullie allemaal en

een geweldig Nieuw jaar;

Dat al jullie Dromen

uit mogen komen!!!



~My birthday

by John J Sharman.
It is my Birthday Today,
and I am Waiting Patiently
for my Guests to Arrive!
.by Jules Girardet.by V. Chevilliard.
Here are the First Guests Already! 
.by George Bernard O'Neill .
Welcome, Please Do Come in…
and Join us for some Tea with Cupcakes!

Not Known to me!.
  Oh, Thank you Dear, for the Lovely Flowers!
by John Everett Millais
We played a little Game of
Cards in the Afternoon!
by Mary Hayllar .
And after all the Guests are Gone?
. by George Antoine Rochegrosse .
I am  Knocked Out!!!
by Christian Birmingham .
I just want to Dream and Fly Off..
Thank You All for a Lovely Day.





Have a Very Magical Time and

a Happy New Year to you all!




I collect Pictures of animals on my computer for
a few years now!
So I don’t always know now where I found them.
So are they familiar to you? Let me know please! 
…Click on the photo for the link those I do know…

cute bunny
Just enjoy the most adorable creatures ever!

polar bear Red Pandalion cub AZ1GVqCvblig9aycviBiAKXIo1_500 puppy black spider monkey cat koala Polar Bear Duckling

I am Right?
  Aren’t they just adorable?



~Hand Painting

Hand-Painting Art

Here are some wonderful hand painting pictures
which will really surprise you.
The Artist is Guido Daniele.

 Hand-Painting Art

Foto’s van hand beschilderde dieren,
en tevens dieren die op de hand geschilderd zijn!
De Artiest is Guido Daniele.

Hand-Painting Art Hand-Painting ArtHand-Painting Art Hand-Painting Art Hand-Painting ArtHand-Painting Art Hand-Painting ArtHand-Painting Art Hand-Painting Art  

~ LINK ~