~The Zennor Mermaid

The Zennor mermaid is an ancient Cornish legend
of a Mermaid named Morveren who fell in
love with a local boy, Mathew Trewella
   by Arthur Rackham 
There is a local legend about a mermaid in Zennor.
Matthew Trewhella was a good-looking young man with
a good voice. Each evening Matthew would sing the
closing hymn at the church in Zennor, solo.
A mermaid living in neighbouring Pendour Cove was
enchanted by the music. She dressed in a long dress to
hide her long tail and walked a bit awkwardly to the church.
Initially, she just marvelled at Matthew's singing before
slipping away to return to the sea.
She came every day, and eventually became bolder,
staying longer. It was on one of these visits that
her gaze met Matthew's, and they fell in love.
However, the mermaid knew she had to go back to
the sea or die. As she prepared to leave,
Matthew said "Please do not leave, who are you,
where are you from?".
 zennor by Heather Howe

The mermaid told him that she was a creature from
the sea and that she must go back.
Matthew was so love-struck that he swore he
would follow her wherever she went.
Matthew carried her to the cove and followed her
beneath the waves, never to be seen again.

by John William Waterhouse

It is said that if you sit above Pendour Cove at
sunset on a fine summer evening you might hear
Matthew singing faintly on the breeze.

Mermaid Chairzennor Mermaid

At St. Senara Church in Zennor visitors may see a
carved bench-end over 600 years old showing the mermaid.

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