Autumn is my favorite season, I do so love the sights,
sounds, smells and feeling of this season.

This work pictures a view of a path through the woods
on a beautiful autumn morning.
When the morning dew is still wet upon the leaves,
the sunlight glistens as reflecting from off the moisture
on the leaves like “Lanterns of Gold”. Enjoy!

by Connie Tom

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Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff zei

You are so correct. Thank you for the memory.

After living 15 years up in the mountains of Utah among trees like the ones in your picture, I changed from spring being my favorite to fall being my favorite. We are just heading into fall here in South Jordan Utah. The leaves are beginning to change. The temperature has decreased. There is a cool crisp feel in the air. It's the most comfortable feeling alive. I love to watch the leaves fall from the trees and to feel them crack under my feet. I love to bring in the bounty (from the farmers markets) and prepare and can for the winter. I love creating cozy nucks next to my fireplaces with quilts and pillows on the cusions. I love to have a friend over in the morning when the dew is on the grass and treat us to muffins omlets and hot-chocolet. When the evening comes and the windows are open and the smell of damp grass comes in with the crisp air from outside, you will find me snuggled under my quilts in bed, dreaming of the days in the fall when I lived in the mountains and new that winter was right behind my beautiful fall.

Oh to be so blessed.

Your friend from America

Pamela Terry and Edward zei

Beautiful beautiful image! Happy Autumn!

Hermes zei

What a great picture.

marja visscher zei

Walnootsalade gisteren nog gegeten! Heerlijk met geitenkaas en honing!
Fijn weekend en lieve groet, Marja