~ Time for a little music!

In the year 2002, at the start of the month of April,
three dark souls crossed paths in the same dream:
a dream to make the music that sprung from their
innards a reality, a music full of fantasy and mystery.
With great emotion, they decided to meet for the first
time, and upon seeing their sentiments mutually expressed
and their musical language understood to perfection,
they decided to give life to what they called Ordo Funebris.
Ordo funebris is comprised of Lady Nott (Violin),
Sathorys Elenorth (Keyboard) and Lady Morte (Vocals).

After a few rehearsals, an idea ocurred to the three:
to have something solid in their hands, something to
be able to listen to, something to make themselves know.
Thus, they set to recording their first demo,
Cantar a la Morte, between the 11th and 17th of may, 2002,
in the sound studio Maxim Sound, in Barcelona, Spain.
Cantar a la Morte is inspired by the night…the dark begetter,
the sweet embrace of death, the eternal whisper
of the wind, the sadness in its silent hands, thosen magical
forests that adorn the soul, the sea and its profound
lament. And in the tower of Salvana, which remains
ancestral in the most profound depths of its being.
Having the demo in their hands, Ordo Funebris dedicated
themselves to copyrighting their work, as well as their
name, as they wanted to be sure to enter a secure arena
before making themselves known to the world.
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Michelle (Shell) May zei

beautiful music. truly beautiful!