~It’s Weekend Again!!!

have an

….I Wish You All an Amazing Weekend….

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Aputsiaq zei

You too, you too!!! What a sweet girl!

Bonjade zei

Wat zal ze voor moois zien.....
Fijn weekend

marja visscher zei

Voor jullie allemaal ook een goed weekend. Geniet er van!
Lieve groet, Marja

Cindy Geilmann zei

Hi Sweet Anna. Thank you for visiting me and finding my new blog and commenting. In answer to your question - can you ever be happy? The answer is yes, I have very strong beliefs of life after death. I also have strong beliefs of eternity and eternal families. Those beliefs govern my thoughts and feelings dailey. We were blessed with 5 children. Casey Collette was the only one that carried this genetic sindrome. All of our children could have had any part of that sindrome, but they didn't. I have to see that as a great blessing.

I am very happy, right now, I am soooo happy to have you as my friend.

Love your pictures of the little kids, and you history of armidillias. You've posted alot since I was here last. I'd better go check on Remy.

Big Hugs

~*~ saskia ~*~ zei

Hi there,

very very funny photo!! ^ _ ^ !!

Have a happy weekend,


b.b.flockling * Rose zei

Greetings, dear Anna,
I was on my way to pay a visit to your Remy but had to stop into your garden for a stroll...and what do I find but a sweet child who stole my heart right away!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful face and a hope for a wonderful weekend. I hope yours is full of delightful things (like lots of happy ducks)...love, Rose

La Petite Gallery zei

Dropped in to get a look at your site.

you are a talented lady

The children are sweeyt

Your friend Yvonne