~There are fairies at the bottom of our garden.

by Rose Fyleman

Gardens are meant to soothe the soul, and inspire
the weary mind. Part of the fun of gardening,
is inviting the magical idea of fairies, sprites,
and their feathery bird friends.
Adding simple touches, like bird baths,
and a fairy door at the bottom of a tree, evokes the
magic that you and your plants need.
When you have time to rest a spell in your magical
garden, sit back, close your eyes,
and open your imagination.

fairy door

6 opmerkingen:

Alina zei

What a lovely way to describe a garden and the magic it holds!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff zei

Hello, how are you? I feel like we have been very close today. Your post today is exactly what my thoughts have been on. Fairy's! Your picture is so beautiful. I wish you could e-mail me that little fairy, I'd love to copy her onto material and make something for both of us with it. I'll give you my e-mail address so you can try and forward it.

OK, I spent the day with some very dear old friends of mine. My one friend loves fairy's and has collected all kinds for many years. One shop that we were in, had the most enchanting clothing, jewlry, bags, fairy's, books and lots of other stuff. I bought my first fairy. She's a brown iron, she's sitting on the ground, holding a leaf bowl - looking into the sky - a bird is sitting on her head. I will post her tomorrow. I need a name for her - do you have any suggestions?



Irma zei

als kind was ik al dol op het sprookjesbos, als je je gedachten laat gaan kom je er zoveel tegen, fijne dag groetjes Irma

Anoniem zei

Wat prachtig zeg,ik ben ook dol op elfjes enne over de kroonluchter,nee is niet echt glas,de kroonluchter was ook niet zo duur,maar 35 euro,maar toch een plaatje vind ik,fijne dag,groetjes Joke.

Aputsiaq zei

That fairy door is the cutest one I've ever seen...wonderfully made...even a grown up (me) believes in faries with such a door! Thanks for sharing!

Anna zei

@ Aputsiaq

where will this door lead us?