~The Gardens of Russell Page~

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Russell Page (1906 - 1985)

Russell Page was a painter and garden designer and
considered to be the foremost landscape architect
of his time. Russell page throughout is life, enriched
the culture and physical landscape. Russell was know
to be unique, because Russell projects were so diverse
and his understanding of empathy and traditions of
European gardening and Islamic gardens
was very
comprehensive along with his extensive knowledge
and use of trees and plants.

Longleat Garden  
Russell Page worked in France from 1945 to 1962
on various commissions in Europe, the Middle East
and North and South America.
Russell designed various gardens like small cottage,
town gardens, public projects, and he also
landscaped many corporate gardens
Russell Page passion for plants led to a career
as a professional garden designer in 1928 before
this he studied at the Slade School of Art in London and Paris.

RoseLongleat Gardens 



Longleat Butterfly Garden

Russell Page Contribution's:
Russell Page designed various gardens across the world.
Russell Page partnership with Geoffrey Jellicoe
in 1935, did not go well because of the Financial
reasons but they became good friends.
Few of Landscape Designes are
  • Giardini della Landriana, Torre San Lorenzo Italy:
    A well planted Arts and Crafts garden designed
    by Russell Page and the Marchesa Lavinia Taverna.
  • US National Arboretum Garden, Washington:
    In the center of the arboretum is a composition
    of sandstone columns by Russell Page.
  • San Liberato Garden, Bracciano Italy:
    An Arts and Crafts garden designed by Russell Page
    and the Countess Maria Odescalchi.
  • Caveman Restaurant, Cheddar Gorge, Cheddar,
    Somerset, England: The Restaurant, at the
    entrance to the Cheddar Caves, is flourishing.
  • Badminton Park, Badminton, Somerset, England:
    A great park, made by the Duke of Somerset.
    There is also a private garden, designed by Russell Page.
  • Port Lympne Gardens, Kent, England: The garden was rescued by a new owner, John Aspinall, with advice from Russell Page. There is a monumental stairway,
    a lily pool, a Magnolia walk, a Chess garden, a series of terraces, herbaceous borders and bedding.
  • Donald M Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo:
    A classic corporate headquarters with a garden
    by Russell Page and a collection of modern sculpture.
  • The Longleat Garden: The Hedge Maze covers an area of around 1.48 acres (0.6 hectares) with a total pathway length of 1.69 miles (2.72 kilometres).
  • A Safari boat and Safari park, Butterfly Garden

safari boatsLongleat Garden

I have chosen one Garden to visit today..
The Longheat Garden in Warminster, Wiltshire England!

Safaripark Safaripark

There is also a Safaripark,
to watch these beautiful creatures up close!

 safari park Safaripark
Longleat Garden:

A great Elizabethan house (1580) with garden and park.
It once had an Elizabethan garden and a park designed
by London and Wise in the 1680s.
Lancelot Brown re-designed them after 1757.
In 1760 a visitor remarked that 'there is not much
alteration in the house, but the gardens are no more.
They are succeeded by a fine lawn, a serpentine river,
wooded hills, gravel paths meandering round a shrubbert,
all modernised by the ingenious and much
sought-after Mr Brown'. Repton praised Brown
for turning a little stream at Longleat into
"an apparent river". Repton then deepened
the lake and designed a bridge over the dam in 1804.
A formal garden was added in the nineteenth century
and improved by Russell Page in the twentieth century.

The 7th Marquess of Bath has initiated his own major
changes to the grounds. He laid out the small Yin-Yang
garden to the west of the House in 1964 and followed
this with a series of mazes including the
Longleat Hedge Maze (1975), the Love Labyrinth (1993),
Sun Maze (1996) and Lunar Labyrinth (1996).

Longleat House longheat House

Butterfly Garden I hope you enjoyed the trip?

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