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Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson
was a Swedish painter and
interior designer,
representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement.


Carl Larsson and Karin were married in 1883 and
had several children. Karin and the children quickly
became Carl’s favourite models. They lived in his house
beside the lake. Carl Larrson spent his life painting
his family and his home, which is now open as a small
museum. Those of you who are familiar with Larsson’s
work will treasure the tour which takes you through the
house where you will recognize every nook and corner
from this whimsical paintings, filled with fun and
laughter and poignancy.

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Welcome to the house of Carl Larsson and
his spouse!
That is what is written above the
entrance to Carl and Karin Larsson’s beloved Lilla Hyttnäs
in Sundborn, just outside Falun.
  Karin’s father, Adolf Bergöö, gave Lilla Hyttnäs to
Carl and Karin in 1888. The couple transformed the
tiny timbered cottage, which was built in 1837,
into one of the world’s best-known artist’s residences.
Lilla Hyttnäs has remained in the Larsson family for
generations and is now managed by the Carl
och Karin Larsson Family trust.

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Karin's vader, Adolf Bergöö, gaf Lilla Hyttnäs
aan Carl en Karin in 1888. Het paar vormde het kleine
houten huisje om die werd gebouwd in 1837, in een van de bekendste kunstenaar woningen ter wereld.
Lilla Hyttnäs is generaties in de familie Larsson gebleven 
en wordt nu beheerd door de Larsson’s Familie.


Carl Larsson was een Zweedse schilder en interieur ontwerper,
vertegenwoordiger van de Arts and Crafts Movement.
Carl Larsson's huis in Sundborn, is bewaard gebleven zoals
het was in zijn leven, en is nu als museum te bezoeken.
(geleide bezoeken van mei tot september).

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Thank you for posting this. I love reading about artists whom I admire and seeing how they lived. I just discovered your wonderful book site as well. I will be a frequent visitor, Jeri