~Leuk Idee..


Een leuk idee voor mensen met een kleine tuin
of zelfs een balkon.
Design van een frans Label,
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For people with small gardens or balconies the designs
from French label Bacsac are a great solution to
grow vegetables and plants.

Bacsac was born when French designer
Godefroy de Virieu
met landscapers
Louis de Fleurieu and Virgile Desurmont.
Together, they searched for an alternative solution
to avoid the constraints of creating a roof garden
in town (taking into consideration difficulties of
transport, excessive weight, etc).

Bacsac comes in various sizes so it can be hung
on the wall, hung on you or strapped to your car.
Bacsac’s durable material will keep it looking pretty
for years to comes, as it is UV and traction/tear resistant.
The Bacsac is perfect for gardening in small places
as it allows the plants to breathe because of its
permeability and its water draining attributes.

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3 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Clever idea - love the car!

Lilian van der Klaauw zei

Kijk voor alle vekooppunten op


Anna zei

Dank je wel Lilian voor de tip,
Ik heb deze ned. site nu gelinkt!