~The Faerie Keeper

by Howard David Johnson      
A Country Tale Dream
by The Faerie Keeper.

We have waited many season
since days of youth now gone,
grown in strength and reason
and now outrun the fawn.

In the morning your shadow cloud
rides the sunlight and the noon,
and we know you are proud
our spirits will unite soon.

Then the day you circled round
my spirit left my body hollow,
I knew from your shrieking sound
your skyward journey I would follow.

Now as we gaze wayward, weaving,
instinct to fly controls our being
our Country Tales clan is now believing
and in our soaring there is no deceiving.

My dream of youth happened on that day,
a bond with the mightiest of birds, taken,
and around camp fires we hear them say
the dream of dreamers is not forsaken.

and read the Origin of The Faerie Keeper,
by Denny Lancaster HERE.
Art by Howard David Johnson

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Aputsiaq zei

Magical, Anna! I really like this post ;O)

Madelief zei

Such a beautiful poem!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Hermes zei

Always loved that picture and what a good poem.