~Greet A Few of my Feathered Friends..

These Ducks with a big crest on their head
are just here for a few weeks ;o(
I wish they could be mine, they are so very lovely,
don’t you think?

I adore Goose also..
Gladly these Goose are mine,
Emma and Floortje

This is Emma, she is almost 5 months old now.
Do you remember they came to us as little gooslings?
I was very sad
when Her little sister died 2 weeks later..;o(

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We took an other goose in, to be a new friend for Emma
so she won’t miss her sister so much..
Her name is Floortje, ain’t she Gorgious too?

It took a while
but now… they are inseparable!

These are our little ones, but in fact not
so little anymore..
Look at those beautiful feathers…
These were a few photo’s of our feathered friends!
Next time more…

8 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Bobble hats!

Anna zei

I don't speak english good enough to understand what you mean by this?
please explain????

Kent Island Red zei

They are all adorable!

Anoniem zei

Geweldig en oh heerlijk als je dat allemaal om je heen kunt hebben,wat is het leven fijn,lieve groet Joke.

Michelle Palmer zei

Such dear faces!

Nathanaƫlle zei

Lovely ducks ! They are very beautiful.

Jeri Landers zei

Anna, I love crested ducks the best, I call them "top knots" and have 2 grownups and a duckling... but she is growing like a weed.
We just acquired some runner ducks, have you any? They are hilarious!
Of course, we know that the geese are noble and handsome as well. That goes without saying. Great photos as always!

Jeri Landers zei

Oh, and I love the outfit the woman is wearing in the lower right hand photo, is that you??