~My dreamcottage?

vandyked yellowWhen you pretend this is me?
How should my house & my garden look like ? 

Stel je voor..Dit ben ik…
Waar zou ik dan wonen, en hoe zou mijn tuin eruit zien?

mijn foto

mijn foto

With a Beautiful Cottage garden?
Met een prachtige Cottage tuin?

mijn fototuinhek

“Home is the nicest word there is”
~Laura Ingalls Wilder~

penberth_thatched_cottageBrittany Thatched Cottagebeach-house

Or Maybe A little house with an oceanvieuw?
Of misschien toch een klein huisje met uitkijk over zee?

A Girl can dream, Can’t she?

10 opmerkingen:

Carolyn zei

Sure can. I love your dreamy photos.


Caleen zei

I really needed this.. so beautiful. They are dreamy places.. I love dreaming.. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. It uplifted my spirits!

Hermes zei

Very Jane Austen - lovely.

Roses and Lilacs zei

It would be hard to choose but I think I'd pick the first. I like that garden best. When you move in, do invite your blogging friends to come visit;)

Me zei

oh yes of course
you are very welcome
the tea and cupcake are ready!!!

charmine zei

I love the charming cottages .....every body has a dream home.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse zei

It's a dream of mine too. I've missed so many wonderful posts. I need to catch up. Love those hydrangeas in blue and pink!

margarita ♥ Stipje ♥ zei

wat is het hier prachtig en zo fijn om rond te kijken in je blog wereld vol moois.ik word hier helemaal blij en rustig wat ben ik blij dat ik jou mooie blog gevonden heb heerlijk dank je wel.
heel veel liefs van Margarita

heike zei

Heerlijk zo dromen over idyllische plekjes... Ik zie mezelf zo wel ergens in Frankrijk, een leuk boerderijtje, weids uitzicht, velden lavendel, rust en stilte...
Fijne zaterdag!!

Cindy zei

Anna - I think you should be by the sea. I can see you climbing to the top of the light house one night, waiting for Richards boat to come back. With him is a quest that wants to visit you. She is from America. She was raised in the deserets of the Great Salt Lake City in Utah. She has a strong understanding of where she came from and where she is going and she is trying to understand a small quiet women that came with her family from Aalborg Denmark to settle in Ephraim Utah. Richard thinks she needs to talk to you, I don't know why, but dreams are that way.