~Tasha Tudor

Imagine having Tasha's garden all to yourself. 
Or better yet, all to yourself and your best friend.
Sink into the peace and quiet while listening to
gentle anecdotes told by your private tour guide;
a Tudor Family member.


This could happen to you. But how?

Place an absentee bid today (by 4pm eastern time)
or attend the Windham County Humane Society's
"Wags to Riches" benefit auction on March 5th.
Don't let this chance get away. 

Find out more...

All proceeds help cats like Leah (below)
find their forever homes and keeps them warm,
healthy and well-fed until they do. 


4 opmerkingen:

In den Uylenbal zei

I would love to walk in that garden, just walk and lissen to ancient stories...have a nice weekend Greetz Lejo

Hermes zei

She only died a couple of years ago - great loss. Corgi's were her favourires but this is a great idea. Well posted Anna.

Vetsy zei

I love the look of your post and the photos. liked the calming sounds of music too.

Nathanaëlle zei

Wonderful garden and lovely cat (I send a kiss to him and I wish hapiness for him)