A Story Without Words!
Een Verhaal zonder Woorden!

“What we do for ourselves dies with us.
What we do for others and the
world remains and is immortal.”
-Albert Pine.


12 opmerkingen:

Dragonfly Creations zei

A beautiful story which brought tears to my eyes. The joy and relief on the face of the dog owner. Such a kind and brave gesture from that young man.
Thank you for sharing.

Hermes zei


Anna zei

yeah there are still some good people around!!! x

Aputsiaq zei

Oh dear...that boy really made my day!

Alynia zei

How great that the dog is safe now! Kudoos for the rescuer =)

womanNshadows zei

Bless that young man. i agree with Dragonfly, the expression of relief and gratitude on the dog owner's face is worth more than gold. thank you for sharing this. peace.

Gebreidesjaals zei

what a very very good thing to do, to save this dog, I should do the same when I was there. I was very moved to see this. The world is good !!

klaraau01 zei

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story

Forest-Dweller zei

One of the best stories yet. Big hug to the boy.

Jeri Landers zei

Oh my goodness, he is my hero! That doggies mama's face says it all, as she holds her little rescued boy!

Nathanaëlle zei

Oh my God, poor little love. I am happy that he is safe.

bumblebee zei

Wat geweldig dat er nog zulke mensen bestaan! Ik kreeg er tranen in mijn ogen van, het gezicht van die vrouw...