Ik weet dat de kerstdagen voorbij zijn
maar dit is zo geweldig leuk om te zien
dat ik jullie niet wilde onthouden!
Kijk en geniet!!!

I know Christmas is over
but is so wonderful to watch…

5 opmerkingen:

Hermes zei

Funny. Have a great New Year.

Michelle May zei

I love it Anna! They are so adorable! Hope you are doing well.
Happy Christmas!
xx, shell

RosesMarijke zei

Wat ontzettend leuk...ik heb ervan genoten!!

Nathanaëlle zei

Oh Sweeties darlings ! Lovely babies goats ! Thank you Anna, Yes Christmas is over for this year, but the spirit of Christmas in our hearts can be all long the year. And I like Christmas musics and songs. Have a beautiful end of year Anna. Kisses, Nathanaëlle.

Jeri Landers zei

Anna what a jolly little clip! It makes me miss my baby goats who are all grown up and lazy now... they never have fun anymore.
I missed your birthday, so Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and enjoy the last 2 days of the year. Onward ho to 2011!