~Amazing Potter..

beatrice potter 
by Beatrix Potter!

How I love these!

Enjoy your Sunday!
I am sure I will too ;o)
I’ll Think I will watch this movie again, tonight!

beatrix potter

4 opmerkingen:

Denise zei

Thank you for the bit of charm this afternoon.I own the movie,haven't watched it in years. It was lovely to watch a bit of it again.God bless

Jeri Landers zei

I love this video, I watch it often! There will never be another Beatrix, she is my inspiration.
You must visit my post from a few days ago, entitled, " When it Rains in Hopalong Hollow" I made a video to go with it, it is quite amateurish but being an animal lover, I think you will like it,

Nathanaëlle zei

Amazing, fantastic and Sweet, I like much much much the Art world of Beatrix Potter !
Thank you Anna !
Lieve Groet and happy Week End.

Hermes zei

Love the videos. Cheering.