Keep a green tree in your heart
perhaps a singing bird will come.

~ Chinese Proverb

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Blog da Bete zei

Imagem maravilhosa, que linda menina,obrigada por compartilhar

Willow zei

I am very new to blogs but now that I have found them I am mesmerized.
I just wanted to let you know the content of your blog makes my heart sing and speaks to my soul in so many ways !
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful spot to peek in on.
Be Well

Orvalho do Céu zei

Estou sempre a espera do pássaro no verde da minha vida... Ele é fiel!!!
Abraços fraternos de paz e bem

Lynn Dylan zei

I sure enjoyed my visit to your blog this evening. It is a breath of fresh air! So magical! Thank you.

A Mother's Journal

Anoniem zei

'Do you know if the child in a red robe is Norwegian? I've seen the same child on a piccture used by a small shop in te nexT town here.

Norwegian Granny

Anna zei

No Sorry I don't know , I found photo when I searched for apples on the net a while back....