“More magical than I had dreamed, and more varied.
Some are as small as flowers, some as tall as I,
and all sizes between but all seem to exist
as a celebration of nature’s enchantment. “

~The Voyage of the Bassett

Voyage of the Basset is
a fantasy novel published in 1996.
It was written and illustrated by James C. Christensen
in collaboration with Renwick St. James
and Alan Dean Foster.
It is about a widowed Victorian era professor,
Algernon Aisling, his two daughters,
Miranda and Cassandra, and their
adventure on a ship called The Basset.

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Denise zei

Sounds like a very interesting book and I enjoyed the picture too, thank you.

DMS zei

I love the quote at the top of this post. The book sounds great!


Angelsdoor * Penny zei

Hello dear friend,
Might need to pick up that book.
I love this photo.
Wishing you a beautiful week.