the path
The path to our destination is not always
a straight one.
We go down the wrong road,
we get lost, we turn back.
Maybe it doesn’t matter which road
we embark on.
Maybe what matters is that we embark.”

~Barbara Hall

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Blog da Bete zei

O patinho da foto é lindo de mais, sempre fico olhando pra ele.

Carrie Duvall zei

I always transform into another world when I visit you. Or is it that I stay in the same world and how I see it transforms?


With All That I Am
Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

Anna zei

that was my intension Carrie, for a little while away from the "normal" and hectic world ;o)

Anna zei

thanks Blog da Beta ;o)
the picture is my own little duckling ;o)