This image made me smile ;o)
Would you go through the gate
or around it?

6 opmerkingen:

Nancy zei

I don't think I could resist walking through it! Even if I had my bike with me and had to open it one-handed and got the pedals stuck in the gate, it's so obviously begging to be opened that I'd jsts have to. ;)

Anna zei

I probaly could not resist either ;o)

Orvalho do Céu zei

Passo pra saber se está bem e tomar que seja assim!!!
Também pra lhe desejar uma Feliz Pascoela!!!
Bjm de paz e pascal

Michelle zei

Beautiful, I think I go around it and walk back. The second time I go through it.

Marcha zei

Wow wat een prachtig blog heb je, echt heel erg betoverend! Kom zeker vaker langs... enne ik zou er doorheen gaan hoor!

Malyss zei

I would go through it!Surely the door is leading to a magyc place!