How interesting!

This is a grave from the Victorian age
when a fear of zombies and vampires was prevalent.
The cage was intended to trap the undead
just in case the corpse reanimated.

How interesting!

These cages are called mortsafes,
which were to used to prevent body theft;
a significant worry in 19th century UK due to
the demand for bodies for anatomical studies
for medical students.  The Anatomy Act was passed in 1832, allowing medical universities to use unclaimed
bodies as cadavers.  After this the need (or desire)
for these cages diminished.  While the truth may
not be as romantic as vampires breaking out
of their graves, mortsafes are still an intriguing
relic of a time long past.  


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Prairie Cat zei

Whoa, that is pretty neat! Those zombies are definitely not getting out of there.