Although I had never talk about myself on this blog,
I would like to inform you this…

I will end this blog for a while
(I don’t know for how long)
for a few different reasons, such as

I am not feeling oké
the death of my ex is
taking me back to memory lane
and those memories are not good at all,

my health fails me,
day after day I feel worse.
and on top of that ..
my best friend dumps me for no reason!
and even won’t talk to me..

and even more shit seems
to happen to me,
all at this same time,
and frankly
All in all, is it
Just a little bit too much for me!

In the mean time
I am lucky to have Richard
who will help me to pick up the pieces
and take care of me!

So please remember me in your prayers?
Love XXX Anna

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Anna ik schrik hiervan,vind het zo erg,ik weet wat het is om te moeten vechten in het leven om blij te kunnen zijn,ik heb ook zoveel mee gemaakt,ik wens je sterkte en denk aan je,knuf en liefs Joke.

Dragonfly Creations zei

Dear Anna
So sorry to hear of your troubles. Will miss your wonderful sharing blog but quite understand how things are in your life.
Will remember you in my prayers and I hope things will improve for you soon.
In the meantime take care of yourself and time to feel better.
with lots of hugs

Mila zei

Oh Anna, I'm sorry to hear about your "problem"...
I wish you all the best for your future...

Aputsiaq zei

My dearest friend! I understand that you can't blog right now...you know Anna that we are much alike! I'm so sorry to hear about all these trouble -I'll pray for you; every night before sleeping my thoughts will go to you...so Anna, just think of this (too fat) Danish lady sending you all her love!
About this friend of yours:her reaction is not the one of a grown woman. One shall never treat a friend this way. That's not OK!!!! Shame on her.
Anna,always e-mail me if you want to...I send many hugs to you - and your sweet hubby! I send love and ligt to you my friend!!

Nathanaëlle zei

Dear Anna,

Keep courage, I don't know what are the troubles that make you suffering, but keep hope, the happiness will return, sticks you. I shall pray for you, I promise.
All the best,

Jeri Landers zei

Dear Anna, I am so sorry to hear of all your troubles.. I did not know. I hope you realize you have friends all over the world who care. I do, and will think of you and pray that all will be well for you again.