Have a wonderful weekend!

Slow down.
Take a moment out of
your hectic day
to appreciate the beauty
that surrounds you.

Take time to smell the flowers…

Source photo; Pixdaus.com

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Aputsiaq zei

Yes, time to do nothing...have a lovely weekend, my friend!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor zei

Beautiful words and photo! Happy weekend to you:)


Have a great weekend and I love your Blog! Love the birdsong although it did worry my dogs a little! xx

Nathanaëlle zei

Lovely girl (this cat is certaintly a girl because she has a little nose) Sweety ! My cat scent the flowers too. It was beautiful... Julie is in the Paradise now, but i love her for ever.
Happy week-end Anna !

Roger Simó zei

Beautiful, beautiful blog: slow blog for a fast world, I love it...
If you don't mind, I will link you in my blog.

Anna zei

@Roger Simo
thanks for your compliment and feel
Welcome to my 'slow' world of animals and friends...
I don't mind if you link me ;o)

Anna zei

and to all others with lovely comments...
many thanks to my friends...

I am sorry for your loss
Julie will always be remembered.

Garden Deco zei

... and a very firy and smart cat! She's gorgeous!

Forest-Dweller zei

This look just like our Caspian.