~Gypsy Wagon

I love Gypsy Wagons!!!
I would love if this wagon could decorates my lawn.  

September 1942 1951 Gypsy children   
Gypsies are believed to have originated in India,
and to have gradually migrated to the Near East
and Western Europe, reaching Scotland in the early
sixteenth century. They generally travelled in family groups,
and were associated with professions such as
hawking and pedling, acting as tinkers and street
performers, and most common of all, as fortune-tellers.

gypsy wagon  
In eighteenth-century English accounts Gypsies were
generally lumped together with Irish travellers
and vagrants. But by the nineteenth century a series
of powerful romantic notions about Gypsy life began
to predominate. A new interest in Gypsy "lore"
and in the Romani language can be identified, at the
same time that new efforts were being made to "convert"
Gypsies to a sedentary lifestyle.

In the Proceedings Gypsies are usually stereotypically
accused of dishonesty or craftiness and are often
found directing victims to the locations of stolen goods.
From the late eighteenth century onwards, they are also
particularly associated with the crime of "animal theft",
reflecting the particular involvement of Gypsies
in horse dealing. Racial stereotypes are occasionally
employed, with physical descriptions including swarthy
skin and the wearing of ostentatious, colourful clothes.


  gypsy wagon

“We are all
on this earth
our hearts
are full
of wonder
our souls
are deep
with dreams”
-Gypsy Proverb

tiny house
If you are looking for a vacation that is an adventure,
try a Gypsy Caravan vacation. A Gypsy vacation is an
escape from mundane every-day life. Imagine handling
a horse and traveling through a beautiful countryside while
living in a gypsy caravan for a couple of days.
If you vacation in Ireland, the UK, France, Germany,
Hungary, and the Czech Republic
you can find this type of vacation!

gypsy wagon

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Hermes zei

Great post though there seem few genuine Gypsies left now - many killed in WW2 of course.

Anna zei

yeh and not only gypsies!

Jester zei

I wouldn't mind one of those gracing my garden either!!! I have always been facinated with gypsies & the idea of a vacation living like one, what a cool idea! Thanks for the info, if I ever get back to Ireland that is definately going on my "To Do" list!

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY zei

OOO! What an enjoyable informative post! :-)
There is something that grips the imagination
of adventure when one looks at a picture of a unique Gypsy Wagon!
Thanks for sharing!

Blessings Linnie

Some dvd movies (I have) have good examples of Gypsy wagons are: (off the top of my head)

Emily of New Moon
The Adventures of Ociee nash
...and I think one with Johnny Depp ?? A Man who Cried???..Hmmmm....where is that dvd??
WELL,I bet there are alot movies we could name with cool Gypsy Wagon!!!;-)

Irma allemaal kleurtjes zei

ohhhh zo schattig ik ben in een salon wagen geboren, IrmaXXX

Maria zei

I love loove this post Anna! :)

Jeri Landers zei

Anna, what a wonderful coincidence, I have to do an illustration with a "caravan" so I am looking at photos all over the web. I take a little break to visit dear Anna, and what do I see??!!! CARAVANS of all sorts! THANKS ANNA!

Campbell Jane zei

I share your love of the wagons!

Tilly zei

Hi Anna,
I also needed pictures of caravans and found your blog! I wondered if you could tell me the artist or original site for the illustration of the gypsy girl with the wagon in the background and sparkles in the sky..? I'd like to use it in my dissertation.
Many thanks, Tilly

Anna zei

hi Tilly
if you click on the photo, you will go to the site where I found this picture;o))