~Going Nuts…


A prairie dog defends his lunch against
a gang of starlings.
source photo 3

Enjoy your Weekend!!!

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Aputsiaq zei

You too, Anna...I would always share with you ;O))

Anna zei

You're too sweet! ;o)

Madelief zei

Wat een bijzondere foto Anna. Een fijn weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Nathanaëlle zei

What it is lovely !
Happy Week-end Anna ! Thank you.

Hermes zei

What a great picture.
Have a lovely weekend.

Rozani zei

Hi Anna!
I love your countdown to Halloween! I love Halloween! Here in Brazil celebrate ... not too bad!
I've made a post about Halloween and I will always do. I think a lovely day. I love people in fancy dress. I was seeing your post about ladybug ... I've made a cushion with embroidered ladybug, along with a beautiful poem. People loved. I have sold well.
I do not remember if you have to work on my blog the photo of this cushion. What a beautiful post your poetry of CS Lewis ... and beautiful photo! Very inspiring!
Kisses, Rozani

BeluBelloBelle zei

what a funny and sweet view in here...loved it :D