~Lost and Hound

September 2009

Abandoned piglet is lost and hound: Giant
farm dog saves baby pig's bacon by adopting
it as one of its own.
Click on the link and read this heart-warming story

13 opmerkingen:

Aputsiaq zei

What a story...and what cute photos! I just adore the nose of the piglet ;O)

Anna zei

Oooh yes...so sweet!
the animal world is just amazing!

Cellar Door zei

Katjinger certainly has my vote for Mama of the Year! What a sunny story to open my day with. Thank~you!

Cellar Door

Hermes zei

Ah that is sooo gorgeous.

Nathanaëlle zei

Lovely ! Animals are marvellous and great. I am always very touched by animals. They have a big and marvellous heart. Thank you Anna. Greetings.

Nähfiddeley zei

OMG ... I can´t believe what I see. How cute is this and what a pretty story. Sometimes the nature goes wonderful ways.

greetings Steffi

jose zei

Ohh, this is so very sweet, I will show it to my daughters.

greetings Jose

Michelle May zei

This just the sweetest thing!

Jeri Landers zei

I love foster mothers. The hound and piglet make an odd but charming pair!
I have a chicken raising a baby duck right now, but I don't know what will happen when the hen tries to get the duckling to roost in the trees and the duckling can't fly! I don't think the dog and piggy will have that problem.

Anna zei

and what do you think about when the duck wants to go for a little swim??? hihihi

Anouk van der Zee zei

Wat een schatje!! En wat geweldig dat de hond het kleintje zo accepteert!

Fijne avond!

Groetjes Anouk

Jeri Landers zei

Anna, the little duckling has her own pool, so she is already going for swims... mother hen is simply beside herself Not only does her little hatchling NOT look like a respectable chick, she does not behave like one either. Poor mother Mavis!

Anna zei

Hilarious isn't it?
a few years ago I had a mother duck who did not have to much patience to sit out the time to hatch her eggs..so I put the eggs under a chicken, and hatched 2 little ducklings!!!
I thoughed it was great to watch!!