~Tot Ziens

notes from the rookery   
Ik  hou even op met bloggen
We gaan verhuizen en heb heel veel om in te pakken
en voorlopig dus géén tijd om te bloggen.
Zodoende zeg ik jullie vanaf hier “Tot Ziens”
Ik zie jullie later wel weer!!!

I have to end this blog for now
We are gonna move, and very little time for
fun things like blogging!
So I have to say goodbye for now!
See you in a short while Again!!!

Illustration by Danielle Barlow

10 opmerkingen:

jolanda zei

Heel veel succes en sterkte met de verhuizing!! Tot gauw, groetjes jolanda

Aputsiaq zei

So many hugs to you Anna! I hope everything turns out right: a lot of room for you, the beloved hubby and all the animals...I hope to see you back on your blog again when you have settled in...and I'll miss you til then! HUGS!!!! Mette

La Maison en Wonderboom zei

Oei, veel werk maar ook leuk.
Niet te zwaar tillen hoor, denk aan je rug.
Tot Ziens.


the cardigan-inn zei

succes met de verhuizing en tot gauw!
Groetjes, Joni

Anna zei

vertaling via google:

Hoewel we niet altijd kunnen kijken, nog steeds wensen u een honderd procent ..................................... Populariteit ...

b.b.flockling * Rose zei

Hello dear Anna, I am So SORRY for the confusion. I know well your name because my children and I visit Remy and your blog *often*...we love listening to the gentle sounds as we look carefully at each of the garden pictures. However, whenever I am on the computer (unless very late at night) I have multiple (every other minute or so) interruptions (from my children) and some things tend to become amiss. I hope I clarified...and I do so love your Remy and lovely garden!! ever yours, Rose

Anna zei

I understand and you're forgiven! ;o) LOL
I am very glad with the Award and Remy says 'croak' too!

Granny's Place zei

Een hele hoop werk voor de boeg, wens je succes en tot snel,
groetjes Madelon

Vilt og vakkert zei

Nice blog you have!
Enjoy the weekend!

The Rustic Victorian zei

Good luck with your move. I just moved a month ago and it takes some time. Take care of your back!
Enjoy The New Start!